all in one network

Eon beacons use mesh protocol to talk to each other. It means that they not only send out the signal but communicate with other eon beacons as well. It provides you unlimited access to all network elements.

context is the king

You can have a great content, but the point is how to strike directly to the customer in the optimal moment. You can do it with eon beacon. Put the content in the context related with your customer, to make your offer a real time reaction for his current needs.

mantain it easy

Eon beacons come with central management system, which is accessible via web browser. This panel allows to monitor all the parameters of eon beacons in real time and to change parameters individually or for a group. Through the panel you can also generate alerts based on threshold levels of parameters and change the action triggered on mobile devices when combined with mobile app.

Beacon technology

Beacon technology

eon beacon is the advanced ble device which broadcast its identifier to nearby smartphones or tablets and can perform specified actions on them

the device has our new generation firmware capable of mesh network functionality – beacons can transfer data between themselves

each parameter of eon beacon can be managed remotely from the administration panel – you get possibility of real time monitoring big network of beacons

Integrated systems for hospitals with
electronic patient card, fast people
recognition and patient location
(special eon wristband beacon).

Customers can receive personalized
special offers combined with valuable
product information and in-store
location – directly to their device
combined with fast purchase
(e.g. on-the-go self ordered coffee).

Information systems with navigation
in big areas, providing
real values like guidance,
product purchase, check-ins,
up-to-date information or local
shops special offers.