What makes eon so special?

  • Mesh network

    Expands eon beacons features to get the most out of them

  • Battery life

    High capacity battery gives eon beacon a long activity

  • Mounting system

    Mount eon beaon easily on various surface


How eon beacons take advantage of mesh network:

  • the network range widens with every eon beacon
  • one command to notify all network elements
  • permanent access to all eon beacons through various alternative path
  • monitoring of battery life, change of position or temperature
  • analysis of eon beacon signal range

How we extend battery life:

  • intelligent power-saving modes
  • eon beacon goes to sleep whenever it doesn’t need to work
  • sleeping mode can be activated automatically or manually

Eon beacon has two types of mounting options:

  • screw which allows mount device to wooden
    or wall surface
  • sticker